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Feed for category Wholesale & Drop Shipping
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    Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders was designed exactly for this purpose.

    Simple PO allows your reatilers to create suppliers for your products and store cost prices for them. They can then generate a purchase order from an order which is sent to you with the customer's address included. It easily handles orders with items from more than one supplier.

    Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.



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    Hey guys, is any of you experienced in bulk-importing ali stuff via logistics full service provider who's doing storage and fulfillment aswell? Any further ideas to handle or minimize the 30-50 days of shipping (to Germany) that seem to be unacceptable from the customer's point of view? Thx in advance

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    Dear Shopify community,

    I've just launched which is a search engine for scanning AliExpress and finding the products that are being drop-shipped most successfully. Basically, we are scanning order history in order to determine drop shipping orders and competition, then sorting those results based on profitability.


    The product is in early stages but I'd be extremely grateful if you could take a look and provide any feedback, feature suggestions etc.  

    Thank you!


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    Hi guys,

    Steve from Wholesale Hero here! Thanks for mentioning us Phil :) 

    In the last 4 years, we've helped power hundreds of millions in wholesale Orders for thousands of Shopify Stores.

    Please feel free to check out the app with our 7 day free trial 🙌🏻🚀





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    We have been drop shipping our products for a number of retailers for a few years.
    As we have now grown to around 1000 items in our gallery more of the drop shippers are asking for access to a product feed not only to upload our products but also to keep track of stock levels and/or out of stocks.
    They often ask for it in XML or CSV format
    We do currently have a google shopping feed using the app by Simprosys so perhaps there would be a way of making that available to the retailers as well but I have no idea what that link would be or if its possible.
    I know I can export the CSV product file from shopify but I realy don't want to be manually creating and emailing that out every day so I am idealy looking for something a little more automated/live and flexible.
    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    Hey Tammy. Maybe you can contact your Chinese friend to do it. China is actually the biggest supplier country for shopify sellers.

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    Maybe you can try to source in China

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    hello. Have you tried China sourcing?

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    Have you tried

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    HI. Have you tried

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    1, Mandarin is easier to negotiate with suppliers in China. Many Chinese salesmen actually does not speak English well. Even usually one English word has different Chinese meaning. It is better to enhance mutual understanding especially on production details.

    2, Mandarin can help you to check if this Chinese supplier is good or not. Such as for every Chinese company, there is a government website to see the credit and scale of the supplier. Or even when you source from, a China online B2B web, you can call them to check if the supplier you choose with complaints or not. This year, It was my first time to attend Canton Fair with my Australian friend.He imported from China ten years ago, but with some garbage products when shipped to Australia. When he paced up and down in a big booth where there were many foreign buyers ans salesmen, he was attracted by what saleswomen said. He wanted to place all the orders of his project in the company, actually a big group. I obviously saw his satisfactions on his face. When we were being back to the hotel, I told him to keep alert. Don't be so much positive but neutral. Don't repeat the previous sourcing experience, but remember the lesson. Actually I indicated him all salesmen seemed to not want us to visit their branch factories or with vague expressions to their accurate factory name. When I arrived at my home, I started to investigate. As a result, the supplier originated from wood materials, but other kind of products factories are small branches. I did not think they could support for the Australia standard. Though possibly cheap, but may not suitable for Australia project. 

    3.To be honest, Chinese is the king of implicit y rules in the world. If you understand Mandarin or Chinese culture, you know how to do order coordination, price negotiation jobs. It is also the core of sourcing in China.Such as your production in China big factory where there are many production lines. Do you know how to push it? They often gotta rank your order importance. It will be easier to deal with these issues if you know Chinese. Of course, if your company have remote staff in China, such as China office worker/China sourcing agent, it can be faster to fix the production status, negotiate with suppliers, quality check.

    Guys. If you have any ideas or questions about it, pls contact me

    Best Regards



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    Hi there,

    Selly has many features that include wholesale/quantity break too.

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    Thanks so much for the guide, very useful information! 

    I am seriously considering starting my second online business and I want to give dropshipping a try but the thought of having little to no control over the fulfillment process makes me nervous, I've been doing some research, but I am stuck trying to find a reliable US dropshipping company.   

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    Hey guys!

    For those of you interested in Dropshipping and Print on Demand, we are running a 8-day online course on creating a $100,000 business using Print on Demand and Facebook Messenger. 

    It's completely free to join and 100% of the profits generated through our case study PoD sales will be donated to the Water for Good charity. We have prepared a lot of exciting content for you, just head over to our site to register and let me know if you have any questions. 

    Happy selling :) 

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    Beargrass is no longer available for dropshipping. Thank you for all who were interested. 

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    Iv hunted high and low for any UK based dropshippers that are on orbelo or equivalents to integrate with Shopify, any I have found are out of stock in the UK. 

    *Edit: Forgot to mention Id be interested in anything other than clothing.

    Anyone had any joy with UK suppliers?

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    Hi Karl, 

    Nick here from Shopify. 

    Great question. I did some digging for you on this to find some UK based suppliers both on Oberlo and via print on demand (POD) service (Print on Demand is when the supplier makes the products per order for you and ships them out). Let's take a look at them below:

    • KITE - KITE is a POD service based app based out of London. While clothing might be some of their most popular items they do offer items which are not clothing too. 
    • Printful - While Printful doesn't have an office in the UK they do have one in Latvia and are taking European customers seriously which is why I decided to add it in, just in case. Printful is probably the most popular POD app in the Shopify app store and worth a quick look at least. 
    • Inkthreadable - Inkthreadable is another popular UK based POD supplier which is worth checking out. 
    • Printify - Printify is another popular POD service with a lot of suppliers based out of the UK. 

    The apps mentioned above are stand-alone apps. You mentioned Oberlo also, and there are some UK based suppliers within the Oberlo ecosystem which you can see below:

    Some of the suppliers are based on specific types of products and others are a bit of a mix and hopefully, you can find something which fits your needs from the above. 

    All the best, Nick

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    Hi Inga, 

    Nick here from Shopify. 

    There is a tea drop shipper I came across which you could reach out to about this. They are called 3 Teas and offer a wholesale and dropship tea service. You can find a link to their store here for more details and see if it's a good fit for you and what you're looking to accomplish. I'm not 100% if they dropship within Europe, but they did not say they didn't either. Your best bet is to reach out to them directly about it.  😃

    Hope this helps. 

    All the best, Nick

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    Im starting up my own clothing line and looking for a quality manufacturer who concentrates on streetwear (T-shirts/Hoodies/Hats) ETC

    would like to deal with overseas suppliers but if if cost is down i would deal with a australian supplier aswell

    if you know anyone please contact me thankyou